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We are facing a world in which changes are taking place at an astonishing rate: economic, social and technological factors influence our personal as well as business environment.
Emerging technologies provide enormous amounts of data – e.g. 16 years of video is uploaded to YouTube every day – and will lead to further personalization of goods and experiences. Machines become more sophisticated and their presence in from of smart devices, unmanned systems and robots will reshape whole industries.

What does that mean for your business?

It means you must adapt to this unprecedented environment, or your business may struggle.

Taken with other global trends – new key players in the economic arena, such as the BRIC countries, accelerating globalization and new data processing technologies – it means competition is sharper than ever before. It also leads to the fact that the central goal for the entire business world will shift: from securing a stable market position to creating an organization that is able to constantly renew and adapt to new situations – fear of the innovator’s dilemma must be consigned to the past.


We at ITMP are a global consulting firm focused on Digital Transformation by Design Thinking & Information Technology Processes. We work with interdisciplinary teams, taking a user-and human-centered design approach. Combining this with rapid development cycles we help our clients achieve products and services that meet market and user demands.

Our main tool is Design Thinking: an insight-driven approach. We identify and analyse the needs and desires of our client’s customers to create breakthrough and innovative solutions for hardware, software and services, as well as strategies for business models and processes.

Inspired by Stanford Professor Larry Leifer, one of the greatest Design Thinking evangelists, steeped in the thinking of Stanford University’s Institute of Mechanical Engineering and being a spin-off of the Hochschule St-Gallen’s Design Thinking Practice.

ITMP’s team demonstrates the power of Design Thinking every day and serves top-notch Fortune 100 clients all over the world.